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The View Ridge small business community is located in the north part of Seattle, Washington. View Ridge is bounded by NE 65th Street in the south, 40th and 45th Avenues NE in the west, the Sand Point Country Club in the north, and Sand Point Way NE in the east. View Ridge is located on a hill overlooking Magnuson Park, which was formerly the Naval Air Station Seattle. The neighborhood encompasses an area of approximately 1 square mile. The View Ridge neighborhood is a high point between the adjacent neighborhoods of Wedgwood and Hawthorne Hills. Sand Point is also a bordering neighborhood. Many homes in the View Ridge neighborhood offer views of Lake Washington, Mount Rainier, and the Cascade Range. The neighborhood also offers a large park and playfield, View Ridge Park, across the street from the local elementary school. The View Ridge Swim and Tennis Club is located on the eastern edge of View Ridge, and the Sand Point Country Club is located on the northern edge. View Ridge was first settled in 1936 by Ralph Jones and Al Balch. It is one of the newest neighborhoods in Seattle. Upon buying 10 acres of forest land in the community, Jones and Balch cleared trees to create views of Lake Washington and the Cascades. Their initial success selling land in the View Ridge community enabled them to expand their efforts, and they bought more land to reach the current boundaries of View Ridge. The neighborhood was annexed into Seattle in 1942. View Ridge Elementary School was founded with portable classrooms in 1944 and was built in 1948. View Ridge is home to a considerable Jewish community, with a Hasidic synagogue located at the corner of NE 65th St. and 43rd Ave NE. There are several churches, including Lutheran, Methodist, Presbyterian, and Catholic denominations in the community. In this tranquil and well kept neighborhood, you don’t have to go far to run your basic errands because the small business district is just down the hill. The small business community serves a neighborhood of hobby enthusiasts and leisure lovers who eat and shop local when they’re not gardening, jogging and playing tennis.

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